I'm back!!!!..........

.......from a brill 16 day holiday to Canada! Two days were spent on board the Rock Mountaineer, a very slow train, through the Rocky Mountains from Jasper to Vancouver. We flew into Calgary where we overnighted. Then took the bus to Banff where we bathed in hot springs and took a gondola (not the venetian kind, a cable car!) up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. Then we took the bus to Jasper where we went on a bear hunt, and found several, one of which came right up to the door of the bus!

Whilst in Banff we took a walk on the breathtakingly beautiful Athabasca glacier and drank ice cold, pure glacier water, straight from the glacier itself! It was delicious! That's me and hubby and our friends Imroz and Mary in the photo.

From Jasper we took the Rocky Mountaineer to Kamloops where we spent the night. Then on to Vancouver where we walked the Capalino Suspension Bridge high above the forest floor, then finally on to Victoria where we went whale watching and saw Orcas! What a blast! We finished our holiday in Seattle in the USA where we visited friends who live in a beautiful woodland home in North Bend.
We arrived home yesterday and are very slowly getting into the swing of things. Ain't jetlag a pain?!!!!
Well, it's nice to be back and I'll be back here tomorrow with a card .
Heather xxx

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