Flying Easels......

I've discovered flying easels! I'd seen one on a blog and was challenged by Barbie (one of the ladies who comes to my Wednesday Workshop) to make one, so I made this one at last weeks workshop...
....then, because they are flippin' addictive, I made another one.....

.....and another one!
The gingerbread man is my favourite!
They are so easy to make. I used a 6" square card base folded into a standard easel, decorated in the usual way, except for with these cards you also add paper to the rectangular section above the centre (original) fold of the card as this section will be visible through the frame. Then I cut a frame, placed it on the front of the card, then drew around the inside of the frame. The semi-circular section is then cut away to create a 'bite' out of the front of the card. The frame was decorated with another frame cut from patterned paper (you'll need 3 frames altogether- 2 in cardstock and 1 in paper, the 3rd frame being used to neaten up the back of the card) I then cut an image with a flipped version which was attached to the top of the frame with coloured metallic cord. The frame was then attached to the folded card front with foam tape. The 3rd frame was adhered to the back of the card to neaten. I then decorated the card in the usual manner. You'll still need a 'stop' but it needs to be adhered further up the front of the card to allow the image in the frame to swing freely.
I cut all my frames at 5 1/2" and the images between 2 3/4" and 3". You can put anything in the frame- just make sure that it hangs freely in the aperture. It always helps to do a test cut first.
Carts used:
Snowflake-December 25th
Frame- Elegant Edges
Let It Snow- Winter Woodland
Bauble- Joys Of The Season
Frame- Elegant Edges
Gingerbread man:
Gingerbread man (Real Dial size ON)- Paper Doll Dress Up
Frame- Elegant Edges
Sweet Winter Wishes- Winter Frolic
Sweeties- Simply Charmed
Make sure that you create a flipped version of your image, then trap the cord in between the two images. This creates a clean finish and the image looks lovely when it spins in the frame!
Thanks for dropping by!
To the ladies coming to the Swarm tomorrow the cards on offer will obviously be Christmas cards so bring all your Christmas papers, ribbons etc. See you then!
Heather xxx