One man's junk.....

You know what they say.. one man's junk is another man's treasure.... well I found these little treasures last weekend...AT MY LOCAL TIP!!! I'd taken all the grass cuttings etc to the tip and as usual took my purse with me as our Local Recycling Centre sells all the good stuff that people take up there to be chucked. I don't often find anything of interest but my eyes came out on stalks when I saw these. They are Schreiber units and are in really good nick.. Guess how much they were? TWENTY FIVE POUNDS FOR THE PAIR!!!! so I bring them home (no mean feat - we got both of these in the back of a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso) and my Mum - who was visiting at the time- and I gave them a good clean, removed the light strip and Presto!! I now have a really great storage unit for all my Crafty Stash.
All those plastic boxes in the corner used to be stacked where this unit now stands and there were a couple of shelves that were bowed under the weight of all my stash (I took these down)and now everything looks neat & tidy. Now all I need to do is tidy up/chuck out the stuff in a wardrobe full of the boys old toys and my garage/stash room will look great!
Catch you later!
p.s This ISN'T all the stash that I have! You should see the opposite wall!

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