NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa Naaa...BATMAN!!!!

Cripes! That's a long post title!
One of the little BoyzNextDoor had a birthday at the beginning of the month and I decided to make him a Batman card. I usually steer clear of Licenced Character carts unless it's absolutely necessary 'cos the Disney Princess carts are a flamin' nightmare! Too many fiddly bits! But some are ok with fairly decently sized pieces that are easy to put together. This card came together quite quickly...
The card was made in it's entirety on the Cricut. I cut the card base at 'Fit To Page' and it came out at about 7.5 ins. The back of the card has a bat cutout in it! How cool! I covered the card front in yellow cardstock then cut the smaller orange and yellow mats on the machine. Batman was cut from blue cardstock, then adhered to the front of the card with foam pads. 'Get Ready For action!' was cut from dark blue cardstock then adhered flat to the card. 'LOUIS' was cut from blue holographic cardstock and adhered to the card with foam pads. Simples!!!
Cart used:
Batman/Get Ready For Action/LOUIS- Batman: The Brave & The Bold
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