Look what the lovely postie delivered today! Such service too. I ordered this brand new cart on Wednesday morning and it came this morning! Crafts U Love have already sold out of this cart but are getting some new stock in next week. I love this cart already. The boxes are amazing! They cut like a dream and fit together perfectly. Now this cart is different in that it includes score lines (in the shift boxes in the handbook. The grey line drawings are score lines) so no more fiddling with rulers and bone folders. A new scoring blade is available but I tried it without ('cos I haven't got one!) and it worked great! All you do is drop your pressure to minimum (2-3 bars) and blade depth 2, and the blade 'kiss cuts' the cardstock enough to create beautifully crisp score lines. I'm sure that the scoring blade would be better but I COULDN'T WAIT!!!!!
 You can see the grey line drawings in the picture above along with some other lovely features on the cart. There is a tag on each page, either a card or envelope, a phrase/shadow and the same phrase in a fine script designed to be used with Cricut pens (which will be available soon) although you can use Kri-Kit pens from Scrappy Go Lucky. I think that this cart is WAY better than the original one and the boxes are amazing. You get:
4 x Gable boxes of differing designs     1 x Daisy Fold Top Box
1 x Pyramid Tea Bag Box                     1 x Lipstick Box
1 x Tea Bag Wrap                                 1 x Dog House
1 x 3D Teacup                                       1 x Shirt shaped Box
1 x 3D Coffee Cup                                1 x Onsie shaped box
1 x Recipe Box                                      2 x Christmas Bauble shaped Boxes
1 x Milk Carton                                     1 x Snowflake topped Box
1 x Candy Box                                      1 x Easter Basket
2 x Cupcake Boxes                               1 x Vintage Mailbox (American Style)
2 x Pillow Boxes                                   1 x Pumpkin shaped Bag
2 x Treat Bag (small and large)             2 x Takeout Boxes
1 x Trapezoid Box                                 1 Bride Box (Dress)
1 x Groom Box (Tux)                            1 x Chair shaped Place Setting Box
1 x Square Box with Lid                        1 x Octagonal Box with Lid
1 x Cracker                                             1 x Round Topped Chest (Like a Pirate chest)
1 x Cone Box                                          3 x Flap Topped Boxes
1 x Playing Card Box                             1 x Mini Pizza Box
1 x French Fries Box                              2 x CD Gift Boxes
2 x Business Card Boxes
Hell's Bells, People! 49 boxes! Where do you start?!! What a content. There is so much on this cart that it's hard to decide what to make first.....
...so I made three to start with - the Easter Basket, Recipe Card Holder and Daisy Top Box. Aren't they amazing?!!! And what's more you get a second booklet that shows you how to put them together! I made these on a 12 x 12 mat with Fit To Page and they came out a  really decent size. Now for the most amazing thing- you can make these boxes in one piece (great for the Expression) or even better - in two pieces which is great for the Original and Create. You'll get bigger and better boxes on the smaller machines than was possible with the original T,B,B & M cart!
This cart is an absolute MUST especially if you make wedding invitations etc. You can produce some lovely favour/gift boxes but it's great for everday use too!
I would recommend that you get this cart. It's SOOOO worth it!
TTFN and have a great weekend!
Heather xxx

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