Non-golden 50th anniversary......

 I think that we can sometimes get a bit bogged down with standard colours for certain special cards, like red, silver and gold for the big three anniversaries, using white and silver for wedding cards and pink and blue for baby cards. Then you end up tearing your hair out because you haven't got the 'right' colour paper for that certain card. Well what's wrong with using unconventional colours for these cards? Nothing!!!! That's what I did for this 50th anniversary card. I had plenty of the 'right' coloured paper but I wanted to see what I could do with other colours. I turned to the First Addition 'Isabelle' 8x8 stack in soft teal and beige. These  photos don't do this card justice- it's much prettier in real life! In fact I sold this card to one of my ladies at at workshop, she liked it,asked if she could have it so off it went.
The '50' was adhered inside a frame decorated with Prima and WOC blooms and a satin bow.
The inside of the card holds a smaller panel and the 'anniversary' word art.
Carts used:
Frame- Elegant Edges
50- Quarternote
Anniversary- Designer's Calendar
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