A Fishy 21st.......

I was commissioned to make this card for the shop and it was one of the hardest cards I've ever made, due to the extensive brief I was given. I gave it my best shot, this is the 2nd attempt, and the customer (or rather her husband because she was ill and couldn't collect it) was chuffed with it. So far we haven't heard anything to the contrary!
The brief for this card was as follows:
For a 21yr old sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy so it should be Naval themed
She's serving on a Patrol boat and going on a Fish Recognition Course so there should be fish on it
The card should be fun!
It was the 'fun' bit that threw me!
I don't mind telling you that the 1st card was CRAP!!! It duly went in the bin!
So after much brain-wracking I came up with this one and I was MUCH happier with it, although I don't think that it's at all feminine! But heyho, the customer gets what the customer wants!
To start with I trawled (ha! ha!) Google Images and found a fish chart which I printed out onto Safmat (that's the fish bit!). I then created a little diarama with sky, waves and a cute whale (thats the 'fun' bit!)and put it into a porthole along with some acetate 'glass'. The diarama is three layers thick so I tidied up the porthole with a strip of cardstock around it's circumference to hide all the foam pads. The completed porthole was adhered to a thin panel of cardstock, then adhered to the front of the card leaving a border around it. The border was filled with fish cut from the Safmat and applied at equal(ish) intervals around the edge of the card. A shimmery '21' and 'Happy Birthday' and four little anchors (that's the Navy bit!) complete the card.
Carts used:
Porthole- George (I cut the centre out using a smaller circle as a template 'cos I couldn't get Centre Point to cut a circle centrally out of the larger circle)
Whale-Just Because Cards
21-Quarter Note
Happy Birthday- Wild Card
Anchors- Life's A Beach
I think that I more or less filled the brief don't you?!!!
Thanks for dropping by!

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