Jingle and a handy hint.....

First off, I don't much like this card- don't know why, it's jolly enough- I think it's the fold. I made one last month for one of The Boyz Next Door, that was ok, but this one? Well, I'll let you be the judge. The main reason I'm showing it you is because it has a little addition to it that I think you may find useful..or at least the recipient of your cards will.
One of the ladies who comes to my workshops & Swarms told me that her daughter had called her and said 'Mum, how do you make this card stand up? I've tried it everywhichway and I can't figure it out.' Sue told her, and it got me thinking (my hubby will tell you that's a rarity!) that maybe more people just won't 'get' these easel cards. So I created a document on Word and then printed it onto Safmat. You get tons on an A4 sheet and you just cut one off, peel off the backing and adhere it above the 'stop' on your easel card. If you double click on the card picture you'll see how I did it. If any of you want one of these, e-mail me and I'll send you a copy as an attachment. Just print it onto Safmat and they are ready to go!
Carts used:
Bells-Christmas/Noel Solutions
Scalloped/plain circle-Winter Woodland
Sentiment-Lyrical Letters
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Heather xxx

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