Swarm Project- Box- framed monogram.....

I hosted a Swarm yesterday and as usual I had a blast! The ladies turned out some fab cards and even fabber(??!) versions of this. I always provide the ladies with something to make during the Swarm. It's entirely up to them whether they make it on the day or take it home....yesterday everyone made one and they all did a grand job!
These boxes a really easy to meke and they can be made in different sizes and with different contents... you can really let your imagination run wild!
To make the box I cut a Matchbox tray from TTB&M in white stiff card and I cut another in paper for the liner. I constructed the box, added the liner and then put it to one side. The frame was cut from card and paper, then adhered together. A piece of thick cardstock-weight acetate was fixed behind the aperture. I cut a scalloped oval and a smaller plain oval which was then embossed with a Divine Swirl folder. The completed oval was adhered to the inside of the box. The letter was cut from card and paper, adhered together then decorated with pearl strands and a layered bloom. This was then fixed to the oval mat with 3 layers of foam pads. To fix the frame to the box I cut 4 x 1" pieces of card, folded them in half and adhered them to the top outside edges of the box, trimming them to fit, forming a ledge to rest the frame on. The frame was then adhered to the ledges, sealing the contents. To hang the box, I punched a large circle from white card and punched a smaller hole in it. This was then attached to the centre top of the box leaving a semi-circle, with the hole in it, to facilitate hanging.
Carts used:
Box base- Tags Bags Boxes & More (you can use a scoreboard for this stage instead)
Frame- Wild Card (1st card in the handbook)
Scalloped oval- Storybook
Plain oval-George
Letter- Winter Woodland
The largest box than be cut on the original bug is 5 1/2" .The frame is cut 1/2" smaller.
I'll be showing you some more of these over the next few days.
Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting!
Heather xxx

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