Baby & Love Word Books

Sorry folks, I don't have a card today as I am busy prepping projects for a new Christmas (EEEKKK!) workshop starting next week. I have had this project in my archives for a while however. It was one of the projects in a workshop that I held earlier in the year. These word books are dead easy to make and you don't need the DS to make them although you can use it if you have one (it's too much of a faff for me!). I cut the appropiate letters out of card and used them as a template. I covered the required lengths of cardstock with differing papers, then butted each letter up to the right hand short edge of each page, drew around the template faintly then cut it out carefully leaving the left hand part of the letter intact. Then I just put them all together butting up each letter to the next, trimmed off the excess at the left hand side then punched holes with the Cropodile and fastened all the pages together with large rings. I threaded ribbon through the rings and knotted it. All that is needed to finish the books are photos etc. These books measure approx 12" x 5". You can make word books for any occasion- you just have to be mindful of the length of the book, available cardstock and papers (you may need to piece papers together for longer books)
Carts used:
Base Camp- shadow function enabled to give a chunky letter
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